Version 7.1.3 Release

LiquidApps 7.1.3 is the latest release of our comprehensive Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) tool suite. Featuring a simple-to-use design tool, an accessible web interface (with LiquidApps Server), and direct integration with developer workflow, LiquidApps brings Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Designers, Stakeholders, and Developers together.

  • Iterative design of HCIs for Human Factors testing no longer requires Developers.
  • Developers receive source code from LiquidApps instead of static images produced by traditional HCI design tools.
  • Stakeholders stay informed of HCI Designs as they are created and contribute requirements as they think of them.
  • LiquidApps works like a freeform design tool but exposes the capabilities and limitations of the technology platform selected for the project.
  • Collaboration makes it easy for teams to design and build HCIs together, staying in sync with everyone’s designs and requirements.
LiquidApps covers the software development process from start to finish with special attention to task modeling, requirements gathering, iterative HCI design, logic design, testing, training, and artifact generation.