Version 7.1.4 Release

LiquidApps 7.1.4 brings several improvements over previous releases. Major feature additions are the ability to import IMPRINT Task Networks, attaching Task Model elements to User Interface elements, and import and export of DOORS XML along with a number of visual, speed, and stability improvements.

  • Task Model networks exported from IMPRINT to Excel (.xls format file) may be imported using the Import menu. The imported Task Models are automatically arranged to reduce overlap of lines and nodes. Functions may be double-clicked to navigate to their corresponding task models.
  • Attaching a Task Model element to a User Interface element is as simple as dragging the Task Model element from the Navigator onto the User Interface element. It also works in reverse: drag a User Interface element from the Navigator onto a Task Model element to create the attachment. Simply right click either element in their corresponding editor to jump to, or to remove the connection to the corresponding element.
  • Import and export requirements to DOORS is accomplished through an intermediate XML format. This format is based on the DXL Standard Library on Source Forge. LiquidApps reads the DOORS XML files and imports the requirements. Even though the LiquidApps User Interface will not expose all of the fields on the requirements, the additional fields are stored in LiquidApps. When exporting, LiquidApps identifiers are added to the requirements, allowing changes made in DOORS to be imported back into LiquidApps, updating existing requirements instead of creating them fresh again.