Version 7.1.5 Release

We are proud to announce the immediate release of LiquidApps 7.1.5, bringing with it many performance and stability enhancements. Our team has been hard at work improving the smallest details of LiquidApps to make it faster and easier to use. In addition to the improvements behind the scenes, 7.1.5 adds new features as well.

  • Users can now define Scenarios in LiquidApps for each Platform. Each Scenario is a set of steps which may be attached to elements in a Task Model and define a path through a Task Model. Scenarios may be thought of as structured Use Cases and describe how a user might use a User Interface Design. In future versions, these Scenarios will form the basis of a number of new, exciting features.
  • A new export system that integrates automatic zip compression and a new .laz file extension makes sharing of Projects much easier. The new export feature also detects Project inter-dependencies and automatically incorporates all inter-dependent projects into the same .laz file.
  • LiquidApps 7.1.5 is the first of the 7.x series to include a License Manager. Please use the wizard in LiquidApps when requesting a license as it will provide you with the key we need to generate licenses.