Version 7.1.6 Release

The team has been hard at work on version 7.1.6 of LiquidApps since April and the improvements are impressive. We are very excited to release this new version!

  • Design Android user interfaces and generate┬ácode specifically for the Android platform.
  • Transform user interface designs from one platform to another with a simple wizard. If you already have a user interface design in Java Swing, you can transform it to the new Android platform with ease!
  • Create Graphical Scripts, which support interaction with user interfaces. With these graphical scripts, designers can now define user interface behavior and simple logic creating anything from simple games like Memory to basic applications like a calculator.
  • Simulate scripts inside LiquidApps by simply clicking the Simulate button to see them work! Designers can now experiment with designs and work directly with users to perfect a design while developers focus on backend development.
  • Define Style Sheets to ensure consistency across multiple interfaces and platforms; styles save time by allowing UI designers to set default properties rather than setting all properties individually.