As a designer, you need to make changes up to the last minute. As a developer, you need to write services behind the user interface. Your stakeholders need to stay informed and be contributors throughout the process.

Generate Code

Generate developer-friendly source code directly to the target toolkit and never perform picture-to-source code manual translation again!

Multiple Platforms

Why learn a new design tool for each new platform? LiquidApps currently supports Desktop, Web, and Mobile interface design. As new platforms and devices are added, you’ll simply gain more options, not more complication.

Task Models

Plan each activity a user or system needs to accomplish while using your application. Task Models guide the creation of your design to ensure that it accomplishes all necessary tasks. Automatically create scenarios from a task model, showing the possible paths users would take through your application.

Design User Interfaces

Design user interfaces with the freedom of expression of a design tool, but within the capabilities of the chosen target toolkit. Enjoy the confidence that everything you design can be implemented without needing to learn the rules of a target platform UI toolkit.

Simulate Applications

Quickly create runnable versions of your design using Logic Scripts, and easily get feedback from users about your application without the need for a developer to first write code.


Linked Requirements

Requirements aren’t supposed to be locked away in a gargantuan database. LiquidApps automatically brings contextually relevant requirements front and center where they won’t be overlooked.


Style Sheets

Create rules that define properties for specific platforms, generic widgets, widget size, or even spacing between widgets. Give your application a consistent theme without hours of painstaking work.

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